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Precast Concrete Fencing

The experience earned in this field is helping us design and offer high-quality fences to all our customers. Konkret Line offers an updated look to traditional precast concrete fencing. Our fences comes in several unique styles to choose from. Modern concrete fences providing an aestethic look with easier installation and lower costs, while still offering the same level of durability and protection. Concrete is one of the best materials to withstand harsh weather and will continue to look aesthetically pleasing without all the maintenance and upkeep requirements of other fencing solutions.

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Concrete fences with iron panels

Integrated metal panels (grids) in precast concrete fences are an excellent solution for the requirements of new urbanism rules that impose partial transparency of street fences. Whether you are building a commercial, residential, utility or municipal project, the iron panels enhance and diversify without limits the designs of precast concrete fences.

Iron Panels
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Iron Gates

Simple. Efficient. Modern

We complete our precast concrete fences with iron gates for homes and commercial projects made to the dimensions determined by the positioning of the posts and the height of the fence. The installation of gates and fences is at the same time an efficient solution as price and duration.

Iron Gates

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Are you looking for a fence that provides security, privacy and safety? Concrete fencing is one of the most popular options for fencing a yard. Concrete fencing allows homeowners to instantly upgrade the aesthetics of their home and yard and you can install the fence and forget about it. No longer do you need to deal with yearly fence maintenance.

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Delivery and installation

Konkret Line provides FREE delivery to Bucharest and Ilfov county. For the rest of the country or international delivery, our own expedition house offers transport at moderate prices. Konkret Line offers technical support for our precast concrete fences. Details such as level difference, wind exposure, structure and soil texture are determinants of the type of assembly and dimensions of the elements that make up the fence – the posts and the panels.

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Gard prefabricat premium

The premium range

This range includes all our products made with ultra fine marble crush. Their appearance and durability are superior to conventional concrete products.

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Built to last

The precast concrete fences made by Konkret Line have a 20-year warranty and a 50-year maintenance-free lifespan.

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